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How To Setup a Physiotherapy Clinic

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Congratulations on starting a physiotherapy business!

Getting started is just the first step, you need to consider what kind of physiotherapy equipment you might need to provide extraordinary care for your patients. Alpha Sport has 20+ years of experience to draw from, we can help you discover exactly what you need so you can hit the ground running on opening day.

Alpha Sport is here to help you get the best physiotherapy equipment  and a wide selection of tools to assist patients with their rehabilitation & recovery.

How much on average does a clinic spend on setup of their clinics?

  • Statistics we’ve gathered indicate that around 50% of new clinics spend $20,000 or under, 40% spend between $20,000 and $35,000, and the remaining 10% spend over $35,000.

Three of the most popular pieces of physiotherapy equipment are treatment tables, electrotherapy and exercise equipment.

  • Around 60% of physiotherapists choose 3-Section Electric Treatment tables, 35% prefer the Fixed Height Treatment Tables and 5% use the 5-Section Electric Treatment tables.
  • For electrotherapy Equipment, roughly 50% purchase ultrasound therapy devices, 20% purchase Shockwave and/or Real Time Ultrasound devices, and the remaining 30% purchase a combination of IFC, Muscle Stim, and/or TENS.
  • In Exercise Equipment, 70% of clinics purchase a Treadmill and/or an upright exercise bike, 15% purchase a recumbent bike and/or an elliptical, and 15% purchase a rower.
  • Other equipment you may consider includes, hydrocollator, Pilates Reformer, Mini Tramp, Wobbleboard, Aerobic Step, Dumbbells, Kettlebells and Slam balls.
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Other items to consider

First impressions are very important. Items for your waiting room include:

  • Chairs
  • Brochure displays
  • Magazine racks
  • Water cooler

General supplies you will need

  • Office supplies
  • Bathroom supplies
  • Kitchen supplies 

Clinic Set-Up Tip #1 - Retail products at your point of sale

Adding a line of retail products for patients will help to increase revenue for your clinic, even if it’s just simple things to position at reception. You don’t need to hold a large inventory to sell products. When ordering through Alpha Sport you can order on demand, with our fast order turn-around time which makes product sales easier.

Easy products that Patients Love

Using a POW.R foam roller POW.R Products Using a POW.R booty band

Clinic Set-Up Tip #2 - Get orders in early!

Placing your clinic setup order sooner can save you money on shipping costs. For instance, many physiotherapy tables are custom made and usually take at least 4 weeks to arrive.

Clinic Set-Up Tip #3 - Lease physiotherapy equipment

Many clinics find that early cash flow is a problem. One easy way to help your cash flow is to lease your long-term equipment. In start-up practices, “cash is king,” so don’t tie up all of your start-up capital in equipment. Alpha Sport have expert partners that can assist with equipment leasing.

Clinic Set-Up Tip #4 - Order everything from one supplier

Purchasing from a supplier like Alpha Sport, which stocks a massive range of products will save you a lot of money and headaches! If you’re dealing with multiple suppliers, you have to keep track of it, chase down multiple people, pay multiple invoices - it can all get stressful. It’s much easier to deal with a single supplier that was you are dealing with one point of contact.

Also working with one supplier means you have greater price negotiations. Most buyers usually compare product by product and buy from multiple places. The problem with that is, when you add up all the suppliers and associated freight costs etc. it costs more. It makes more sense to look at the total bill, and negotiate with a supplier to have a discount on the overall grand total.

The Grand Opening

Taking the time to set-up your new physiotherapy practice is the first step in getting your new business up and running. Owning and operating your own business can be a very rewarding and satisfying experience. Alpha Sport wish you a successful future from the very beginning and hope your new physiotherapy practice becomes an integral part of your local community in no time at all.

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