AlphaScope: Pickle Juice

  • 100% natural product
  • No artificial colours or flavours
  • Product is clear in colour

Developed in 2001, the Pickle Juice Company’s proprietary recipe was developed specifically to help prevent dehydration and muscle cramping caused by heat and muscle exertion. Quickly becoming commonly used by high performance athletes, and the recreational sports person. The only product that is scientifically proven to stop and prevent muscle cramps. Including: Exercise induced muscle cramps and Night-time leg cramps.

How does it work?

What causes a muscle cramp?

A muscle cramp is generally caused by the body’s response to an electrolyte imbalance by sending a neurological message that causes the muscle to engage.
The “hyper-engagement” of the muscle is what is commonly referred to as a muscle cramp.

How Pickle Juice® stops muscle cramps

Pickle Juice Sport and Extra Strength Pickle Juice Shots work quicker than just about anything else on the market because in addition to the traditional electrolyte therapy, Pickle Juice attacks the neurological message that is at the root cause of the cramp with Neural Inhibitors. Neural Inhibitors: The primary ingredients that drive the flavour profile of Pickle Juice® function to block the “cramp” message from the brain to the muscle.
Electrolytes: Pickle Juice contains 10X the Electrolytes as most traditional sports drinks to promote hydration.

Pickle Juice Shot “Extra Strength” is available in a 75ml bottle & was developed with portability in mind. It contains a higher concentration per volume of electrolytes relative to the Pickle Juice Sport product. Contains Neural Inhibitors that are scientifically proven to stop muscle cramps faster than electrolytes therapy alone.

Pickle Juice Sport “Original” is available in a 240ml bottle with a dual purpose formula replenishing electrolytes lost during strenuous exercise & addressing muscle cramps. Used by Athletic Trainers & High Performance Athletes.


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