AlphaScope: Black Wolf Gloves

Black Wolf Heavy Duty Nitrile Gloves

Ideal for all on-field Sports Medical Personnel. Black Wolf provides a superior strength Nitrile glove combining toughness and comfort for extended periods of use with maximum protection.


Black Wolf Nitrile Gloves are now widely used in numerous professions outside of chemical handling areas, including medical/ healthcare/industrial to provide superior protection in high risk and contaminated areas, as well as eliminate Type 1 Latex allergic reactions with Latex sensitive people.

Advantages & Features

  • Black Wolf is a versatile Black Nitrile glove covering a wide range of industries
  • Soft Nitrile formulation provides sustainable comfort levels.
  • Lighter weight reduces hand fatigue for extended wear
  • Special ‘Low Sweat’ formulation
  • Non Latex Material reducing the risk of Type 1 allergic reactions
  • Excellent abrasion and puncture resistance.
  • X Grip Technology ensures good tactility
  • Easy to don inner surface.
  • Low residual chemicals decreasing the risk of contact dermatitis.


Powder free black ntirile examination, latex fee, non sterile, ambidextrous, 240mm cuff length


100 gloves per box


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