Vald Performance Athlete Testing Systems

Driven by a multidisciplinary team of sports scientists, researchers, clinicians, designers, developers, and engineers, VALD systems enable you to adopt a truly athlete-centric approach when it comes to understanding human movement, performance, injury risk and rehabilitation.

GEMt – Global Education of Manual Therapists

GEMt is a global educational leader specialising in Dry Needling courses designed for manual therapists. With courses conducted in: Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and South-East Asia. Experienced presenters, 120 page color manual, starter packs, full catering, Accredited introductory and advanced courses guaranteed to change the way you view the human body. If you are already a needler, we further guarantee our program will take your needling skills to a new level.

For further course details, registration or perhaps  host a course at your own clinic, contact us on:

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